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We are coordinating business visits to invest in business in Bangladesh and investment. There are also connections that are connected because we are doing business in the field, so I think that we can do a realistic study. Please do not hesitate to contact us.




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Meeting at skype (hope, expectation, etc.))


To make a plan


Take an appointment


Meeting in advance before departure




Create feedback report



Advance to the site


Selection of sewing factory (supplier)


Securing IT talent


As a volunteer organization


Exploring the possibility of PPP business acquisition etc.



Please contact us as it will change depending on the content and the number of days.


We also operate serviced apartments, so please do not hesitate to contact us on request. It is 25 dollars a night including breakfast.


With our facilities and services which is necessary to start the business, you need lower initial cost of opening the office and you can start the business on the same day. Also you can use our office with short term.
There is on 30 minutes from the airport, 15 minutes from the Japanese embassy, 10 minutes from JICA and JETRO. Also, since neighborhood is the area where most foreigners live, it is easy to find service apartment nearby.
Please apply from the contact button. First of all, it is also possible to call us by phone (skype, zoom, appear etc.).
Japanese staff will be there so if you have any troubles, please contact us.
Yes it is possible. If you do not need registration of corporate registration address, please tell us. We will hand you the necessary documents.
Contract period is possible from 1 week. The contract form is a service use contract.
I'm very sorry, but there is no smoking space so please do outside the building.
Review is required before contract. Please submit the following document. · Application form * A corporation that has been established as a local subsidiary is a copy of the local profit permit · A corporation prior to the establishment of a local subsidiary is a copy of a Japanese company's manuscript · Copy of representative's portfolio
Payment with USD, yen, taka at the exchange rate at that time is possible. Payment at the Japanese pavilion is also possible to affiliated companies.
We will send you a monthly invoice. Please pay in cash, bank transfer (Japan / Bangladesh), convenient way of customer.
It is possible. Please contact us for more information.
"No, that will not come back. The contract fee includes expenses including the basic setup fee of the office."
Electricity charges and Internet usage fee (shared line) are included in usage fee (rent and common expenses). There is no charge for electricity charges or internet usage charges.
"We have 2 types for 2 people and 2 people for 3 people. For details, please click here (Floor layout / fee)."
Desks, chairs, cabinets, wireless and wired internet lines are installed.
There is a Sheffield with a booth type desk that can be used by 1 person. In addition, shared space and reception and meeting space are available. For details, please see (Floor map).
Once you sign up for a private room, you can use reception service, delivery of drinks, lockers with keys, wireless and wired internet access free of charge. As an optional service, we are using telephone line, telephone agency service, parking lot service, use of multifunction machine. For details, please see (Service / Equipment).
You can use the basic fee free with an extension number attached to the JMC office telephone number. (Calling fee is actual expenses) If you wish to have a separate phone number, we will prepare by option.
There are 2 meeting spaces and 1 space in the meeting space. Open meeting space is available free of charge. Other meeting rooms can be used free of charge according to the contract.
Up to two units can be used free of charge. If you use it everyday, you can borrow a new parking lot through our service office.
Multifunction machines that can use copy, scanner, and printer can be used wirelessly (windows only).
Yes. It is possible. We will forward the mails delivered to the service office to the designated address in advance. For use, fixed monthly fee and actual expenses for post will be required.
The service office is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, the staff of local corporation, reception will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Bangladesh's holidays, year-end and New Year holidays.
There is a name board. Customers using private space can use it free of charge.

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