About us

About Us

We are newly opened shared office in Dhaka, Bangladesh which is running under Japanese. Our pursuing service is not only provided space but also provide appropriate and convenient local support such as like a marketing support, legal, accounting support. We have a great team for support your company launch in Bangladesh. Under our total support, hopefully new business/company will get success in Bangladesh. Let's explore Bangladesh market together!


Shared Office Feature

Private room

We have 8 rooms available for 1 to 3 people.

Meeting space

We have 2 shared meeting spaces available in 1 hour increments and an open meeting space for free use.


Receptionist is able to respond to daily phone calls. Also, I will manage and share letters that you received to your company with responsibility.。


Metal detectors are installed on the first floor, and access is controlled by fingerprint authentication in the shared office space.

Our Services

Offices equipped with desk, chair, Internet, etc. communication environment, reception, meeting space.It offers office space at low cost, so it is used as a base launch, advance preparation, small office There are a lot of companies.In addition, because it corresponds not only to the long term but also to the short term, it can be used for the first visit etc. to decide whether to develop the business locally (In the initial stage The cost will be free.) Since the prime location becomes the office, it is also attractive to win the trust of the visitor.When you are narrowed down and you are moving to a big office we are also able to help you find the office I will.


Private Room Space

We are preparing from the space of two people. You can start business on the same day at a low initial cost. In addition, there are factories in rural areas, there are offices, but you can use it for those who need satellite office in the capital too.

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Co-working Space

Although there is no private room, all functions of the service office can be used.

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Virtual Office Space

I am lending you the corporate registry address necessary for registering the corporation at the site. I want to register, but the office is recommended for those who do not need it at the present moment. Although it becomes additional cost, secretarial service can also be used.

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Account Support

We are supporting outsourcing of essential accounting services for company management in Bangladesh. We handle a wide range from daily work to annual account settlement and audit correspondence.

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Business Trip Support

We are coordinating business visits to invest in business in Bangladesh and investment. There are also connections that are connected because we are doing business in the field, so I think that we can do a realistic study. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Attractive location

Our share office is located in the Bona 2 area, which is regarded as an exclusive area even in Dhaka. Many international companies have offices in the vicinity. Embassy, JETRO, JAICA It takes 10 minutes by car to go anywhere.

Suppot By japanese

Contract in Japanese, payment in Japan is possible. In addition, it is also possible to contract before entering into a corporation with a view to entering the market. Please contact us.

Meeting Room

We have multiple conference rooms of various sizes. Also, the office is full of glass and on the high floor with overlooking the city of Dhaka. You can invite customers with confidence. In addition, conference rooms can be used for free according to plan.


We pay extra attention to security. A metal detector at the entrance, a fingerprint authentication security system at the entrance of the office, CCTV is running in the common area.

Water & Drinks

We are sending drinks and snacks free of charge. If you call office assistant, we will ask you to deliver to your room.

Stable Internet

You can use a stable high-speed internet line for free, without limitation. In addition, UPS cables are borrowed for free in case of power failure

Our Uniques

The JMC Serviced Offices are conducting their own operations from design to operation and management so that Japanese companies that are considering entering Bangladesh can use the service office with peace of mind. In Dhaka, even in the business center, I choose a building with a high level of security management skills, and I am arranging a system of Japanese resident staff resident.



The Bona 2 area is a secure and business-friendly area with the highest residential rate of foreign residents, 30 minutes from the airport.


Support System

Japanese service is available at JMC's service office. Even after moving in, I will support in Japanese such as troubles concerning living etc in the site.


Office Space

In addition to private rooms, open work stations, we have a reception desk suitable for accepting customers in three meeting spaces. Also, you have your favorite drink in your room, so you do not have to go out in and out of working hours.

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Our Location

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